lemony lentil loveliness

If you're a veggie lover like I am you will adore this. I was desperate for a good lunch when I came back from a long run today so I threw this together and it came out far better than I could've imagined! The measurements, for everything but the lentils, are really vague...so just mix the way you like it!


1 dl red lentils
2 dl water

1/2 zucchini
1 tomato
one big carrot
1 cup soy beans
1 1/2 cup green beans

a piece of halloumi cheese
some sunflower seeds
handful of raisins
itty-bitty-little of turmeric (just for the lovely colors sake)
sea salt & pepper

raspberry balsamic vinegar
lemon olive oil
fresh basil

Let lentils come to a boil in water. Turn heat down and let them simmer for 10 minutes. Chop and fry the veggies for approx 10 minutes as well. Add halloumi pieces, sunflower seeds, raisins, turmeric, salt and pepper when the veggies are golden brown and softish-like. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar and olive oil over the whole thing. Serve the lentils on the side with some chopped basil on top!

all the cats and chicks can get their kicks at the hop

This is what I've been doing today! I went on a little ice-skating-picnic, sort of. Nah, the best word for it is the swedish one for a change. I went for an UTFLYKT! Haha. And there we were ice skating and had a picnic. We even made a little bonfire and made hot dogs and scones and stuff! The weather was beyond lovely..but hey, Captain Obvious, I don't think I need to be redundant and say that. I mean, who did not notice?!

homemade banana raspberry sherbert

The easiest and most delicious sherbert ever. All you need is a frozen banana and you can add whatever you like after that. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries! If you are a chocolate lover you can add raw cocoa powder and you'll get yourself a most wonderful soft chocolate ice cream. And, it is not even bad for you! :)


1 frozen banana
1-2 dl frozen raspberries

1. Put a banana, without its peel, in the freezer for a couple of hours. Preferably in pieces!
2. Mix frozen banana pieces and raspberries.
3. Sprinkle sprinkles on top! Eat!

kryddig linssoppa

Min nya favoriträtt. Det är så fruktansvärt gott! Kanelen och curryn gifter sig så otroligt bra tillsammans, så som piffiga kockar och bagare brukar säga, det blir delikat verkligen. Man behöver inte alls följa receptet slaviskt, kom ihåg det. Har man inte röda linser kan man ta gröna linser istället, men tänk på att koka de längre då! Byt ut fänkål mot morötter eller ta en röd paprika istället för gul. Strunta i kanelen om du inte tycker om den, eller tillsätt lite grädde för att få en lite krämigare soppa! Man kan verkligen blanda lite som man vill, en sjukt varierad soppa, man tar vad man känner för eller vad man bara har hemma!

1 dl röda linser
1 tärnad stor tomat
1 tärnad gul paprika
1/2 tärnad fänkål
1 pressad vitlöksklyfta
2 msk smör
1 tsk kanel
1 tsk curry
1/2 tsk paprikapulver
1 grönsaksbuljong
6 dl vatten
salt & peppar
3 tärnade färska champinjoner
en bit halloumi i tärningar

1. Lägg linserna i kallt vatten i 10 min.
2. Fräs tomat, paprika, fänkål, kryddor, vitlök och buljongtärning i smör i några minuter.
3. Sila linserna och tillsätt de i grytan.
4. Häll på vattnet och låt koka upp.
5. Låt sjuda i 10 min.
6. Mixa soppan slät och smaka av med salt och peppar.
7. Fräs champinjoner och halloumi i smör tills de fått färg. Servera direkt med soppan!

you fluttered round the yard making your magic

I have had the greatest day ever today. My sister and I have been cozying around all day. We had a long nice breakfast this morning and watched movies and just slouched around. After that we've been using our creative genes by redecorating our entire rooms. I'll show some pictures later! It came out so great. It feels so spring-like now. Like these tulips. Springy and colorful and lovely.

sister rosetta was playin the congregation insane

I bought this amazingly rose printed fabric online just a couple of days ago and I got it yesterday already! I was so inspired by Underbara Clara and the way she used it so I just had to buy it. I absolutely love it. I am thinking of doing a little makeover to my room divider and put it in there. And maybe make some pillows and stuff like that. When I will find time to do that though is beyond me. But oh well. I'll figure it out.

a banana-applelicious-snack

This is a delicious snack I made yesterday! It fills you right up. Simply chop an apple in pieces and fry for a couple of minutes with sunflower seeds and cinnamon and cardamom. Then add banana pieces and fry for another minute. EAT! It is fantastic. You get a taste of apple pie mixed with banana bread, it is so good.

fruit punch in the bright sunshine

This is my ANALOG FISHEYE CAMERA! Isn't it adorable? It is so much fun to take pictures with. The weirdest part about it though is that once you've taken a photo, you can't look at how it came out...obviously. It is a weird feeling, considering you always can look at the picutures on your phone, digital camera etc etc etc etc. Now, you just have to be satisfied and hope for the best.

luscious lime cheesecake


300 g digestivekex
150 g smör

600 g philadelphiaost
2 1/2 dl kesella 10%
1 dl strösocker
1 dl majsstärkelse (maizena)
2 tsk vaniljsocker
3 ekologiska ägg
1 dl vispgrädde
200 g vit kvalitetschoklad
5 färska limefrukter

1. Sätt ugnen på 175 grader.
2. Krossa kexen fint i en mixer, smält smöret och blanda med kexsmulorna. Tryck sedan ut till en botten i en kakform med löstagbar kant.
3. Förgrädda botten i mitten av ugnen cirka 10 minuter och låt den svalna.
4. Vispa philadelphiaost och kesella krämigt i en skål.
5. Rör ner strösocker, majsstärkelse och vaniljsocker. (Vispa inte! Rör ner med en slickepott så att inte fluffigheten försvinner.)
6. Rör i ett ägg i taget och sist vispgrädden.
7. Bryt chokladen i bitar, smält den i ett vattenbad och blanda ner den varma chokladen i smeten.
8. Tillsätt rivet skal av 5 limefrukter och saft från 2 i smeten.
9. Häll smeten över kexbotten.
10. Grädda cheesecaken i mitten av ugnen cirka 40 minuter. Täck den eventuellt med aluminiumfolie när den blivit gyllene (om det är lång gräddningstid kvar), så att den inte blir för mörk. Var försiktig så att folien inte fastnar i kakan.
12. Stäng av ugnen och låt kakan stå kvar i eftervärmen i cirka 30 minuter.

swinging in the backyard, whistling my name

I'm telling you, you think you have eaten good cheesecake, but you haven't. I am almost positive you have not had this one and therefore you are all virgins to the experience of a really, really good cheesecake. As always it is the lovely Leila Lindholm who is the mastermind behind all the divine recipes like this. And not this time either has she disappointed me. I made it yesterday as a dessert but didn't have the time to taste it so last night when I got home from work at 1am I had a big piece of it with whipped cream on top. Sinfully delighted was it. I'll post the recipe in another post!

little darling, it has been a long cold lonely winter

When I know it is going to be a long day I usually try to make up for it in the morning. To be a step ahead of myself breaking down. Today for example, I have a hard running workout to do, I am going to a meeting all the way across town, I have school and I have a test. So this morning I got up an hour earlier than I had to. I know it sound completely insane but try it sometime. Now I had the time to get ready without rushing and then eat a long and nice breakfast. That is what I call luxury. And on top of it all I had a really tasty breakfast as well. Eggs, oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins, grapefruit and coffee. Yu-uh-uhm.

You should all try it sometime. Getting up earlier to take time for that extra long, silent and relaxing breakfast. Seriously. It is worth it.

now I’m not strong enough to stop the bombs

To begin with I would just like to say how deeply sorry I am for my ridiculously long and obnoxiously silent absence. So much has been going on in my life recently I just haven't had the time to cram the blog in there as well. Pardon me. Please.

This picture is from this saturday where I squeezed in some quality time with these two adorable ladies for a late brunch, in between two work shifts. It was great. If you want to be naive you could say that it almost feels like spring is on its way. I can't wait for it to come for real though. These dark days and this cold makes me depressed. But the sun was out that saturday so I guess there is hope. Kind of.

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