rolled up pig tails and fluffy dresses

Here are some pictures my sister and I took one of the days she was here. Either you enjoy our super cool poses OR you enjoy the tiny tour of my bedroom slash living room slash working place! Either way, I hope you enjoyed it!
BTW, all clothes in the pictures are vintage finds we did on our second-hand-shopping-days!

super power oats on a gloomy november morning

Oh, hi there. Look at these beautiful oats I had this morning. They tasted just as good as they look. It is oatmeal with apples, flax seeds, peanut butter, egg whites and raspberries. SO FILLING and so unbelievably delicious!
Anywho, yesterday I had to say good bye to my sister to go back to Umeå. She's been spending the past week down here in Gothenburg and it's been amazing! I have some cute pictures we took that I'll show you! Other than taking pictures we've been baking, watching movies, talking, strolling around in Gothenburg, gone second hand shopping (and done some pretty darn good vintage finds if I may say so!), just been cozying around and lots of other stuff! :)
I already miss her terribly. However, she is actually coming back pretty soon, with my mother, in only 32 days!!!
Have a nice day everybody!

a whimsical summer day out on an island

Let's look back to the island where my family spent a whole week this summer! Here are some pictures of what we did one day! We had a long and nice breakfast, made cinnamon buns, hung out on the beach, visited a cute little sheep farm where we bought sheep meat, made an exquisite dinner on the barbeque, sat outside in the sun chatting and just spent time together!

a teeny tiny appetizer

Hello again everyone! Here is a little appetizer on what is about to come. I thought I would mix pictures from Gotland, San Francisco and Maine altogether so it would be a little more variety for you guys! First off we have a few pictures from the first day on Gotland. We went to this super adorable bakery and ate the most luscious buns, still hot from the oven, covered with all this sparkly sugar!
Also, it was my parents' 25th anniversary which we celebrated at this really cute restaurant down by the docks!

Stay tuned for more pictures! :)

i am leaving for a ve-ve-very lo-o-ong time

So, I am leaving for my one and a half month long vacation in a few hours. As you may remember I am going to...


San Francisco,

and Maine!

I hope you will have the best time wherever you may be this summer, I know I will! I will most likely not have the time, nor the opportunity, to blog that much. Although, you can follow my vacation in pictures on Instagram. Search for juliahelleday and you'll find me!

Have a good one! :)

twisted pastel surprise birthday party

So, my sister's two friends and her boyfriend and I threw a big surprise party for Cornelia the other day. The theme was pastels (if it somehow escaped you when you saw the pictures)! We had planned it for a couple of weeks and it turned out just as amazing and wonderful as we wished it to! I will obviously show you all the food later, but now, this is what it looked like, and who came! We had a lot of games and stuff we did too, it was so much fun. It was such a success!

Cornelia had no idea whatsoever what was going on.

We surprised her with this garden party filled with deliciousness and scrumptiousness. Think "tea party in Alice in Wonderland" and you'll get the right feeling! It was great.

These were the wonderful people who came!

We threw whipped cream with candied cherries on each other. So fun!

we go together like rama-lama-lama-ke-ding-ah-de-dinga-a-dong

I hope you don't mind me posting some more graduation will probably go on for a few blog posts! I like it at least! Here are some pictures from the actual graduation process! Happiest day of my life.

oh, we've got a long, long way to go

I have been so productive today you have no idea. My mum and I cleaned out our big wardrobe we have upstairs. It is supposed to be a wardrobe you can actually walk into, but it has not been for...well let's just say for quite a while. We cleaned out the whole thing, which has taken all day, and filled eight garbage bags with just plain shit. Excuse the expression, but there's no other explanation than that. Anyhow it is all nice and neat now! This is what I ate for lunch by the way. Mackerel on crips bread with cherry tomatoes and an omelette with mozzarella cheese, avocado, leek and fresh basil. So yummy. Today also felt like the first real day of spring! Finally. 

ain't no mountain high enough


We climbed two mountain tops with our skiis when we were up at our camp! It was awesome. So tiring but definitely worth it.


The weather was straight up wonderful the whole time.


We sat in our cabin talking, playing board games and watched movies.



We ate delicious homemade apple pie!



As I said, the weather was great.



Goggle-burns are where it's at.



the easter bunny left pastel polka dot easter eggs

I spent my Easter up in the mountains at our camp
, with my dad, brother and friend. It was absolutely wonderful! We had an easter egg hunt, painted eggs, and ate delicious easter food (whatever that is). We have been downhill skiing the whole time up there. And tanning (our faces) of course. That obviously led to the hideous goggle-sunburn. It looks like my face is dirty. Oh well, it is mandatory after all. I don't mind really. I absolutely love Easter with all of its pastel colors, the beautiful weather, the easter eggs full of candy and the skiing. Love it.

happy birthday have a nice life

Today is a special day for this little scrumpy dumpling. MY BABY BROTHER TURNS ELEVEN! He got breakfast in bed and a bunch of presents! For example, a whole week at some soccer summer camp called Milan Junior Camp, with professional soccer players as coaches and stuff. Perfect for my brother! I made the cake together with my mom after a request from William himself. He wanted a Super Mario cake, and well, that's what he got! Tonight after dinner we have hide-and-seek-in-the-dark and Tintin - The Movie on the agenda. It will be a blast!

you fluttered round the yard making your magic

I have had the greatest day ever today. My sister and I have been cozying around all day. We had a long nice breakfast this morning and watched movies and just slouched around. After that we've been using our creative genes by redecorating our entire rooms. I'll show some pictures later! It came out so great. It feels so spring-like now. Like these tulips. Springy and colorful and lovely.

christmas morning was all around me

Even though Christmas and everything that comes with it whatsoever is over I am still going to show you pictures of my Christmas anyways.

I think I love Christmas morning the most actually. We're woken up by the sound of classical music, a fire going and our parents' and my grandmother's sweet hugs and wishes of a Happy Christmas! On Christmas morning we always have the same breakfast. Freshly baked saffron scones, hot chocolate, homemade bread with ham and mustard and a kind of white oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar on top. Of course we have an almond hidden in it and whoever gets it has to rhyme. Unfortunately I was the one who got it this year. I am terrible at coming up with rhymes but I did pretty well I must say. However, the rhyme will not be posted here. It was for my family's ears and their ears only. It was pretty awful actually. After eating breakfast we also read the Christmas gospel together and it is kind of soothing, listening to someone read I mean, it is nice. On Christmas morning we also open our Christmas stockings. It is such a cozy tradition and I absolutely love it. We only get small stuff but they're so cute. That's pretty much it for Christmas morning. But still. It's great.

up close we stumble backwards

This is how my Twiggy-eye-makeup-imitation came out like on New Years Eve! I skipped the lower lashes because they made me look like a prostitute. I'll show you better pictures of the dress I wore, I made it for Christmas Eve, but decided to wear it on New Years Eve too. New people, new place, it's whatever!

I never turn down oreos if you got them

My friends, I am sorry for my absence but I have been up at my camp, celebrating Christmas you know. Anyways, what I wanted to say now was that I am going to take a break from blogging until school starts up again. I have so much to do so I need to have one less thing to worry about right now. But, I'll be back on January 10th again! Until then, have a good one and eat lots of icecream.

come and trim my Christmas tree, with some decorations bought at Tiffany's

I found this portable room divider at a second hand shop this fall for only 100 SEK! It is so so pretty but it does not have any function whatsoever, it doesn't divide anything in my room, it's simply just standing right next to the wall. It was a heck of a job to get it home but fortunately one of my friends with a license could drive me home so I didn't have to drag it on the bus.

Today I've been making Christmas presents all day. It is such a hassle to come up with ideas for it, but when that happens I LOVE all of it! When Mum came home she started making all the Christmas food and stuff. Right now she's making saffron biscuits and some sort of chocolate hazelnut fudge! It smells absolutely delicious around here! I really have the the Christmas feeling going on now! I hope you are too!

lay lady lay, lay across my big bed

This is my favorite place in the whole world. My big fluffy bed. It is like laying on a piece of marshmallow, like heavenly clouds or something. I am going there right now to get a good night's sleep. And an even better sleep in tomorrow morning on my first real day of this holiday break. I could seriously not be happier. Or maybe I could, it is after all only three days til Christmas now!

Sleep tight.

diamonds are a girl's best friend

...speaking of Marilyn Monroe. I even visited her star at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood when I was there this summer! Beyond happy and amazed by that!

by the way: the shirt is from American Apparel

and I've bought some corn for popping, let it snow, let it snow

This is how I'll wrap my Christmas presents this year. With vintage fashion magazines from the 50's as wrapping paper. Isn't it adorable? However, I have only bought one Christmas present so far. I am the worst. I have bought these present for my host family in America though!

I've waited a hundred years, but I'd wait a million more

I would say I am sorry, for not updating a million times a day, but I am not sorry. It is after all difficult to update about your life if you don't do anything. So you would probably think that this was a busy day for me with a lot of stuff to do. However it was not. But I have been taking time for myself. Catching up on my life, as my sister's boyfriend said. They decided to just stay at home, both of them, and I mean that in a positive way. I think that everyone has to take some time off from life every once in a while, just to catch up with it again. So, that's what I've been doing today. Watching movies. Making breakfast in bed; scrambled eggs and tea. Baking scones. Planning Christmas presents. Playing the piano. Listening to music. Spending quality time with my sister. How wonderful is that! I hope you get a chance to catch up with your life too at some point this weekend.

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