stop, oh yes, wait a minute mister postman

My two friends and I are officially spending a whole month of our summer in the magnificent city of SAN FRANCISCO! The dates are set, the plane tickes are bought and we have the living situation all figured out. We're actually going to live in a city called San Carlos, only 30 minutes away from San Fran, it will be fabulous. It is so unreal to me right now that we're really going to LIVE THERE! There are so many things we will be able to do when we're there! I mean for example we could go to the world's largest flea market in San José, go bike riding in the Golden Gate Park, go fishing off some random cool pier somewhere, visit Yosemite (probably the prettiest and most amazing national park in the world), listen to live jazz music in downtown San Francisco on a regular week night, go sailing in San Francisco Bay, see the sun set, or rise for that matter, by the shore off the Pacific Ocean, stay inside and watch movies just because we can, go to the weekly farmer's market and buy fresh food and veggies, have picnics and I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MORE!? I am so far beyond excited that I wouldn't be surprised if I pooped rainbows right now.

These pictures are from when I was there last summer with my family, kind of weird pictures, but I like them.

the knock at the door as it goes, whoa whoa whoa

This summer when my family and I had our roadtrip across, around and through the USA we were, obviously, in New York City and lived in an apartment in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is a part of Brooklyn, it was such a cute little neighborhood, only a few minutes from Manhattan. I don't want to get all psyched or get my hopes up, even though that's probably too late already, but you know that New York trip I told you about? The one that two of my friends and I are planning to make. Well the apartment hunting might actually just have taken a step in the right direction! All I can say is that I wouldn't mind visiting Williamsburg again.

living the american dream part four

Here are a few more pictures from my short stay in New York City before I went to the city of Brewer in Maine, where I was about to stay for next ten months.

living the american dream part three

When I left for America I spent the first three days in New York City with a bunch of other exchange students from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We stayed at a really nice hotel close to Newark but every day we were actually in the city. We saw every freggin tourist attraction there is. The statue of Liberty, Central Station, Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Chinatown, Soho, Little Italy, the Manhattan Skyline, Ground Zero, Greenwich Village (where we saw the building from the tv-show Friends!), Central Park and everything else in NYC. It is pretty exhausting being a tourist I must say. Anyhow it was great because after doing all the touristy stuff we were free for the afternoons. So we would go shopping on Fifth Avenue, have a coffee from Starbucks and blah blah blah. You know. Anyways it was fun seeing a little about how Americans are. And that is that they are all so nice. So different from Swedish people. Americans actually greet you when you for an example walk into a store or when you are about to buy something they actually talk to you. It's a nice little change I have to say.

living the american dream part two

Here are some more pictures of what I did right before I left for the great United States of America. I had a going-away-party and that was so much fun. I absolutely recommend that to whoever is going away for a long time somewhere. It is a great opportunity to meet all of your friends for one last time and have people getting together that maybe you don't see that often. I had mine the night before I left and I cried for seriously 12 straight hours. I was beyond exhausted when I went to bed that night but it was all worth it.

living the american dream part one

So, I got a question if I could summarize my year in America. What I did before I left, what I did there and how it was coming back. So, sure I'll put together a little something. Firstly I thought I'd write a little about what I did the few last weeks before I left. No matter how cliché it might sound it was probably one of the hardest times of my life. But at the same time I have never had that much fun. The summer of 2010 was the best summer ever. The knowledge that I could count the days I had left in Sweden kind of put me in a state of panic. Hence why I did so much stuff all summer. I went to Gotland, a Swedish island, with my family for a whole week and it was the best trip ever. I spent a lot of time with my friends; having picnics, baking, going for midnight strolls, shaving our legs..., eating icecream, watching movies and a lot more. This is just some of what I did. Stay tuned for upcoming parts about my time before leaving!

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