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My two friends and I are officially spending a whole month of our summer in the magnificent city of SAN FRANCISCO! The dates are set, the plane tickes are bought and we have the living situation all figured out. We're actually going to live in a city called San Carlos, only 30 minutes away from San Fran, it will be fabulous. It is so unreal to me right now that we're really going to LIVE THERE! There are so many things we will be able to do when we're there! I mean for example we could go to the world's largest flea market in San José, go bike riding in the Golden Gate Park, go fishing off some random cool pier somewhere, visit Yosemite (probably the prettiest and most amazing national park in the world), listen to live jazz music in downtown San Francisco on a regular week night, go sailing in San Francisco Bay, see the sun set, or rise for that matter, by the shore off the Pacific Ocean, stay inside and watch movies just because we can, go to the weekly farmer's market and buy fresh food and veggies, have picnics and I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MORE!? I am so far beyond excited that I wouldn't be surprised if I pooped rainbows right now.

These pictures are from when I was there last summer with my family, kind of weird pictures, but I like them.

Postat av: JOHANNA

i'm so pooping rainbows right now

2012-03-01 @ 23:09:29
Postat av: johanna lundgren

men julia! åh vad härligt, jag är så himla avundsjuk. du verkar ha det så bra, och vad glad jag är för din skull :) du är så fin. kramar!!!!

2012-03-02 @ 08:11:35

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