and that laugh that wrinkles your nose

I have these fabrics that I bought like forever ago that I have done absolutely nothing about. I am obviously going to make some piece of clothing but I don't know what. I need suggestions! Do you have any?!

everyone is dancing merrily, in a new old fashioned way

This is an old vintage dress I bought at a second hand shop in town. I had to remake it though because it was all loose and weird fitted and stuff. But now I like it! It is so cute. I feel like a Christmas tree in it though. But if it isn't  appropriate for a time like this, then when is it?

but nobody knows the way, no bread-crumb trail

Feeling like Carrie Bradshaw goes Nigella Lawson when I'm running around the house in a silk kimono and pearls, with a face mask on, making lingonberry jam and saffron buns. By the way. I made that kimono.

soul of a vagabond

This is my mannequin doll! And the tulle skirt is a ballet tutu I made for a dance recital once. We did the Swan Lake and it was so much fun! I actually miss ballet classes so much sometimes.

mile high meringue

I am making an attempt to knit a scarf. Sort of like the sweater Pippi Longstocking wears in the winter. I simply love that pattern. By the way. I just watched the movie A Walk To Remember and cried a river. Freggin love that movie. If you haven't seen it you've missed out on life. Seriously.

just can't get enough

I've made this shirt out of another old thing I once made. It was a one piece sort of thing. Terribly failed already then but I haven't done anything about it until now. Feels a little wrong for this time of year but really...who cares?

I need collar collar, collar is what I need

I made this shirt the other day. The collar is made out of a lace cloth I found at home. Isn't it so pretty? I absolutely love it!

around the world la la la

I bought these jeans from a second hand shop yesterday for only 70 SEK! I had to do a total makeover to them though but it was so worth it. My sister has a resolution to buy all of her clothes on second hand and she probably has the best sense of clothing I know. I wish I could do that. But oh well, I borrow all of my sister's clothes all the time anyways so.

feather canyons everywhere

c'est moi
Har även ett väldigt stort intresse av att sy kläder. Syr allt möjligt men kanske mest klänningar, bara för att det är så roligt. Insåg just att man ser här att jag är väldigt svag för blommiga mönster, färgen gammelrosa, spets, tyll, volanger och allt sånt där. Ja. Det var det.

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