christmas morning was all around me

Even though Christmas and everything that comes with it whatsoever is over I am still going to show you pictures of my Christmas anyways.

I think I love Christmas morning the most actually. We're woken up by the sound of classical music, a fire going and our parents' and my grandmother's sweet hugs and wishes of a Happy Christmas! On Christmas morning we always have the same breakfast. Freshly baked saffron scones, hot chocolate, homemade bread with ham and mustard and a kind of white oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar on top. Of course we have an almond hidden in it and whoever gets it has to rhyme. Unfortunately I was the one who got it this year. I am terrible at coming up with rhymes but I did pretty well I must say. However, the rhyme will not be posted here. It was for my family's ears and their ears only. It was pretty awful actually. After eating breakfast we also read the Christmas gospel together and it is kind of soothing, listening to someone read I mean, it is nice. On Christmas morning we also open our Christmas stockings. It is such a cozy tradition and I absolutely love it. We only get small stuff but they're so cute. That's pretty much it for Christmas morning. But still. It's great.

a freckled faced red haired girl you ought to know

Snälla lilla krumelur, låt mig aldrig bliva stur.

Det är ingen ordning på allting, man hittar inte vartenda dugg.

Poliser är det bästa jag vet, näst efter rabarberkräm.

Det var trevligt att du kom - men det var ännu trevligare när du gick.

I have always been hopelessly in love with all of Astrid Lindgren's books and movies. When my sister and I were kids and going for long car rides we always listened to the tapes with all of these stories. Pippi Långstrump, Barnen i Bullerbyn, Madicken på Junibacken, Karlsson på Taket and Bröderna Lejonhjärta. Oh my god they're all so good. They're MAGNIF.

One of the best stories is probably the one when Pippi, Tommy and Annica go to the little candy store. I died everytime out of jealousy. She freggin buys 18 kilos of candy. How can you not bea jealous. Besides, Pippi said some pretty funny stuff as well. I mean just look at the quotes between the pictures. I think I'm gonna have to watch some of these movies now!

up close we stumble backwards

This is how my Twiggy-eye-makeup-imitation came out like on New Years Eve! I skipped the lower lashes because they made me look like a prostitute. I'll show you better pictures of the dress I wore, I made it for Christmas Eve, but decided to wear it on New Years Eve too. New people, new place, it's whatever!

confusion is the best form of communication...'s left to be unexplained

I'm back. And can I just say...Twiggy. Oh-the-beauty.

pictures from we heart it


- a little treat for you during my blog break -

My sister and I heard this song for the first time this summer and it was love at first...sound? Anyways, the song is so weird and special and great so we decided we wanted to do a video to it. It must've looked ridiculous when we ran around on that hill. Jumping and twirling to absolutely no sound whatsoever. But now, with some cutting and editing it is all done. It came out pretty much exactly like we wanted it. I hope you enjoy it. Because we sure do. 

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