christmas morning was all around me

Even though Christmas and everything that comes with it whatsoever is over I am still going to show you pictures of my Christmas anyways.

I think I love Christmas morning the most actually. We're woken up by the sound of classical music, a fire going and our parents' and my grandmother's sweet hugs and wishes of a Happy Christmas! On Christmas morning we always have the same breakfast. Freshly baked saffron scones, hot chocolate, homemade bread with ham and mustard and a kind of white oatmeal with cinnamon and sugar on top. Of course we have an almond hidden in it and whoever gets it has to rhyme. Unfortunately I was the one who got it this year. I am terrible at coming up with rhymes but I did pretty well I must say. However, the rhyme will not be posted here. It was for my family's ears and their ears only. It was pretty awful actually. After eating breakfast we also read the Christmas gospel together and it is kind of soothing, listening to someone read I mean, it is nice. On Christmas morning we also open our Christmas stockings. It is such a cozy tradition and I absolutely love it. We only get small stuff but they're so cute. That's pretty much it for Christmas morning. But still. It's great.

Postat av: Pegah

SV: Haha tack bäste du! :)

2012-01-19 @ 23:25:28
Postat av: Pegah

Ehh jag känner såhär... BLOGGA???

2012-02-02 @ 10:52:16
Postat av: maja

hej julia lever du? :P:P

2012-02-06 @ 11:24:03

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