a teeny tiny appetizer

Hello again everyone! Here is a little appetizer on what is about to come. I thought I would mix pictures from Gotland, San Francisco and Maine altogether so it would be a little more variety for you guys! First off we have a few pictures from the first day on Gotland. We went to this super adorable bakery and ate the most luscious buns, still hot from the oven, covered with all this sparkly sugar!
Also, it was my parents' 25th anniversary which we celebrated at this really cute restaurant down by the docks!

Stay tuned for more pictures! :)

Postat av: christoffer

tack så mycket julia!!

2012-09-18 @ 14:51:57
URL: http://ellirk.blogspot.com
Postat av: Mamsen

Vad roligt att se alla bilder!

Svar: det kommer snart fler! :)
None None

2012-09-19 @ 10:18:53

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