all the cats and chicks can get their kicks at the hop

This is what I've been doing today! I went on a little ice-skating-picnic, sort of. Nah, the best word for it is the swedish one for a change. I went for an UTFLYKT! Haha. And there we were ice skating and had a picnic. We even made a little bonfire and made hot dogs and scones and stuff! The weather was beyond lovely..but hey, Captain Obvious, I don't think I need to be redundant and say that. I mean, who did not notice?!

Postat av: Coooorneliaaaaaa

Fett gööllliga flickor!!

2012-02-27 @ 10:01:28
Postat av: Evaaa

Jag här otroligt avundsjuk på det här!!!!!!!!!!! Ibland är Sverige så himla bäst. Vinterutlykt och matsäck och sol. :((((((((((((((((((((((

2012-02-28 @ 13:04:50

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