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I'm telling you, you think you have eaten good cheesecake, but you haven't. I am almost positive you have not had this one and therefore you are all virgins to the experience of a really, really good cheesecake. As always it is the lovely Leila Lindholm who is the mastermind behind all the divine recipes like this. And not this time either has she disappointed me. I made it yesterday as a dessert but didn't have the time to taste it so last night when I got home from work at 1am I had a big piece of it with whipped cream on top. Sinfully delighted was it. I'll post the recipe in another post!

Postat av: isabelle

hej! vet du om det går det att hitta receptet på internet? den såg väldigt god ut!

2012-02-12 @ 19:57:24
Postat av: Pegah

JULIAAA!!!:(:( blir galen på dig.

2012-02-13 @ 14:02:11
URL: http://pegahzuz.blogg.se/

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