now I’m not strong enough to stop the bombs

To begin with I would just like to say how deeply sorry I am for my ridiculously long and obnoxiously silent absence. So much has been going on in my life recently I just haven't had the time to cram the blog in there as well. Pardon me. Please.

This picture is from this saturday where I squeezed in some quality time with these two adorable ladies for a late brunch, in between two work shifts. It was great. If you want to be naive you could say that it almost feels like spring is on its way. I can't wait for it to come for real though. These dark days and this cold makes me depressed. But the sun was out that saturday so I guess there is hope. Kind of.

Postat av: JOHANNA

dubbelhakor och blek som ett spö mätt blev jag! :) längtar till sommar och SAN FRAN!!!!!

2012-02-07 @ 15:15:42

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