liten bit sockerbit -> little piece sugarpiece

So, I've come to the conclusion that it is completely pointless to write in Swedish here. Considering everyone in Sweden knows how to speak English (poor them who don't) I might as well write in English because it is simply more fun if someone outside of our little country would be able to read this too! However, the Swedish name of this blog, Liten Bit Sockerbit, comes from a lullaby my mum used to sing for my sister and I when we were kids. It is about a little sugarpiece, hence the English name of this blog, Little Piece Sugarpiece, who wants to go for a swim in a cup of coffee. Extremely ridiculous but oh so cute. Probably on of my favorite songs of all times.

In Swedish it goes like this:

Liten bit sockerbit,
går på bordet hit och dit.
Vart ska du gå?
Vad tänker du på?
Söta lilla sockerbit.

Se en kopp,
klättra opp.
Vill du ta ett kaffedopp?
Hoppar du bums,
så säger det plums.
Kaffet dricker pappa opp.

Postat av: w w w . i n s i d e m e e. s e

Länkbyte? ;)

2011-11-27 @ 18:31:46

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