tiny tots with all their eyes aglow

This year my family, my grandmother and I are celebrating Christmas at our camp up in the mountains, in Kittelfjäll. I think it's going to be so cozy and nice and christmasy...and just all plain lovely. I can't wait. We'll open presents, eat us full with Christmas food and candy, play in the snow, drink hot cocoa with marshmallows, watch Donald Duck's Christmas, snuggle in front of the fire, go downhill skiing, play board games and hike. I am beyond excited.

We bought this camp this summer. We've gone here for I don't even know how long. At least since the year 2004. During Fall Breaks, New Year's Eves and Spring Breaks. So we kind of have a history with this little cabin. However, when we bought it we did a total makeover to it. As you probably can see right here. If it isn't obvious already, the left column is the before pictures and the right one is the one with the after pictures.


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