looking out from here, at half-past France

A dream is a wish your heart makes. I have a dream of mine, that at some point in my life I want to go to France, and not as a tourist or just for a short visit because I have been there done that already. But I want to go and live there. I want to go to cute little cafés with squiggly chairs and tables, drink café au lait and eat baguettes. I want to paint. Paint for real, with aquarelle, on a big with canvas. I wish I actually could paint though. I want to take thousands of pictures of people and make a portfolio. I want to go to museums for hours and hours, all by myself and soak in every single detail in all that freggin complicated art. I want to learn how to speak French completely fluently. Five years of French in Sweden have gotten me...nowhere, so I think I have to actually go to France to learn something. I want to go to second hand stores and shop vintage clothes. I want to live in an artsy apartment and go for bike rides in the French countryside. I want to have picnics in parks, lay under big oak trees and read books all day long. I want to go to farmers' markets and buy fresh vegetables and fruits, cook food and bake pies and cupcakes all the time.

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Dearest Julia, sounds liken an good idea. Should do the same if I were young.


2011-12-16 @ 15:10:52
Postat av: Pegah

JULIA! Du är väldigt välkommen till att dela lägenhet med mig, gabbe och frida!

Jag vet inte med dom andra två men jag håller helt seriöst på att planera ihop så att jag kan flytta till paris våren efter gymnasiet i ett halvår och gå kurser och jobba på café och leva det franska livet.

Är du med mig?

2011-12-17 @ 20:02:49
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