I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough


This was the year when...

Jay-Z performed at the Swedish music festival Peace & Love.
Five paintings by Pablo Picasso were stolen from an art gallery in Paris.
There was an earthquake in Haiti.
South Africa hosted the 19th FIFA world cup.
Sweden held its general election to the parliament of Sweden.
Inception was rated best movie of 2010 by IMDb.
Lady Gaga wore her probably most outrageous outfit ever: a meat dress.
The top three best songs of 2010 were Runaway by Kanye West, F**k You by Cee Lo Green and Soldier of Love by Sade.

This was the year when I looked like this...

...and I clearly had an obsession of posing in every freggin picture.

Postat av: fridis

du är så töt juller:):):):)

2011-12-12 @ 18:44:18

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