Kolla på den här underbart vackra frukosten jag hittade på i morse! Det är pannkakor med äpple, granatäpple, rågkross och kanel i. Det blev supergott. Sedan är det toppat med jordnötssmör, granatäpple, lite honung och cacao nibs. Jag köpte cacao nibsen igår! Det är helt enkelt bara krossade kakaobönor. De innehåller jättemycket bra vitaminer, mineraler, fetter och antioxidanter. De är rika på kostfiber och är helt ekologiska och RAW!  Det är universums superfrukt kan man säga! De har en väldigt speciell smak, men ändå goda på något vis! Testa!
Här har ni receptet på pannkakorna!
2 ägg
3/4 dl granatäppelkärnor
1 äpple
1 1/2 tsk kanel
1/2 - 1 dl vetemjöl
1/2 - 1 dl grahamsmjöl
1 msk rågkross
cacao nibs
flytande honung
gör så här
1. Vispa äggen lätt och häll i rågkross, kanel och granatäpple.
2. Riv äpplet och bland med äggsmeten. 
3. Tillsätt mjöl tills smeten fått en ganska tjock konsistens. 
4. Stek pannkakorna i olja ungefär 3-5 minuter per sida. 
5. Servera med jordnötssmör, cacao nibs och ringla över lite flytande honung!

rolled up pig tails and fluffy dresses

Here are some pictures my sister and I took one of the days she was here. Either you enjoy our super cool poses OR you enjoy the tiny tour of my bedroom slash living room slash working place! Either way, I hope you enjoyed it!
BTW, all clothes in the pictures are vintage finds we did on our second-hand-shopping-days!

we went strolling and drank lemonade

...and here you go, some more pictures!

the magic hours of swedish summer nights

Last night I surprised my little sister for her birthday...again! I took her out at 1:00 AM in the car, put a blindfold on her and drove to a lake we have pretty close to our house. I had laid out tons of blankets, set up a little canopy, lit candles and brought picnic food! We actually made s'mores over the candles! My plan for the whole thing though was to see the sun set and rise, and oh yes did we not! It was so beautiful! We kind of did the same thing two years ago the night before I went to America, so it was a little bit nostalgic. If it is something I love about Sweden it is the light summer nights! They are magical. As was this birthday night. Congratulations to my lovely little sister once again!

give me a second, I need to get my story straight


So obviously, pictures were taken, a lot of pictures. Here are some of the ones my lovely sister Cornelia has taken! We were so lucky with the weather and the light so everything came out so well. We could have taken photos of pigs and it still would have been great anyways.

fruit punch in the bright sunshine

This is my ANALOG FISHEYE CAMERA! Isn't it adorable? It is so much fun to take pictures with. The weirdest part about it though is that once you've taken a photo, you can't look at how it came out...obviously. It is a weird feeling, considering you always can look at the picutures on your phone, digital camera etc etc etc etc. Now, you just have to be satisfied and hope for the best.

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