twisted pastel surprise birthday party

So, my sister's two friends and her boyfriend and I threw a big surprise party for Cornelia the other day. The theme was pastels (if it somehow escaped you when you saw the pictures)! We had planned it for a couple of weeks and it turned out just as amazing and wonderful as we wished it to! I will obviously show you all the food later, but now, this is what it looked like, and who came! We had a lot of games and stuff we did too, it was so much fun. It was such a success!

Cornelia had no idea whatsoever what was going on.

We surprised her with this garden party filled with deliciousness and scrumptiousness. Think "tea party in Alice in Wonderland" and you'll get the right feeling! It was great.

These were the wonderful people who came!

We threw whipped cream with candied cherries on each other. So fun!

Postat av: maja hjärnefterbliven

dom här bilderna e fejk

2012-06-21 @ 19:07:54
Postat av: maja

hAHA varför blev mitt namn maja hjärnefterbliven för jag kommenterat så EN GÅNG ska detta vara i all framtid

2012-06-21 @ 19:08:42

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