what goes around comes around

People who followed my last blog have probably seen these pictures already. They're taken at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, also known as the Gossip Girl Stairs. You know, the stairs where Blair and her little companions eat yoghurt during their lunch breaks.

Anyways I am planning on going back this summer with two of my friends to New York. For a whole month. Just to hang out. Can you believe that?! We're going to live in New York City for a whole month just for fun! Live like real new yorkers. Go to unknown cafés, go for long runs through Central Park, find unique clothes at small second hand shops, eat cheap Ben & Jerry's icecream, go and see Broadway Shows and watch old black and white movies on rainy days just because we can. I am beyond excited for this.

The only problem now is to find a rental apartment to a reasonable prize. We're doing all we can to get in touch with people who have their apartments for rent but it is really hard. If anyone has a website they know of, a friend, a relative or something that could help us find more options I would be forever grateful!


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