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I got a question why I quit dancing
, so I thought I'd answer that. When I went to America I wanted to keep up my dancing, and I did. For a little while. I started taking dance classes at a place called the Thomas School of Dance. It was ridiculously expensive but all worth it. I had to audition to get into the classes I wanted, which was kind of scary. But I got into the advanced ballet class, a performance dance class and a modern dance class. I was even put as an understudy in their annual ballet show, with pointe shoes and all. I had classes several times a week and it was so much fun and I learned so much.

But my organization got all crazy and made me choose between dancing and running when I moved to my new host family. And I had to choose whatever my host sister was doing (pretty weird request if you ask me, it left me with no choice really), which was running, so that's how I got all into running.

One might wonder why I didn't picked up dancing when I got back but I didn't for a lot of different reasons. Firstly, my old dance school here in Sweden went bankrupt. Secondly, all of my friends that I used to dance were all gone and that meant it wouldn't be any people in my age. And I have absolutely now time left for dancing now when I have school, work and all this working out for my super mega senior project I have to do too. I am seriously
deprived from not dancing, because I love it so much! I miss it a lot. Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up some day again, or I'll just have to be satisified with the dance offs my sister and I have from time to time in our kitchen...

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2011-12-15 @ 08:16:56
Postat av: maja

doglover??????? är det den låten du citerar?!

2011-12-20 @ 17:57:41

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