I've waited a hundred years, but I'd wait a million more

I would say I am sorry, for not updating a million times a day, but I am not sorry. It is after all difficult to update about your life if you don't do anything. So you would probably think that this was a busy day for me with a lot of stuff to do. However it was not. But I have been taking time for myself. Catching up on my life, as my sister's boyfriend said. They decided to just stay at home, both of them, and I mean that in a positive way. I think that everyone has to take some time off from life every once in a while, just to catch up with it again. So, that's what I've been doing today. Watching movies. Making breakfast in bed; scrambled eggs and tea. Baking scones. Planning Christmas presents. Playing the piano. Listening to music. Spending quality time with my sister. How wonderful is that! I hope you get a chance to catch up with your life too at some point this weekend.


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