oatmeal patties with an apple banana compote

So, I thought I'd just say that I have not forgot about the purpose for this blog altogether. I am actually capable of posting a blog post with food and recipes in it, although it might not seem that way!

Anyways, this is the breakfast which I stressfully made yesterday. These are oatmeal patties with a special little compote I made up. Surprisingly good, considering the hectic circumstances. Anywho this is the recipe!

oatmeal patties:
1 dl rolled oats
2 dl water
2 tbsp flax seeds
2 tbsp sunflower seeds
pinch of salt
1. Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan and let come to a boil for approximately 10 minutes.
2. Heat a frying pan and add some canola oil.
3. Make three patties out of the oatmeal and fry until golden brown.
1 banana
1 smal apple
1/2 dl raisins
1 tsp cardamom
1 tsp cinnamon
1. Cut banana and apple into small pieces.
2. Mix all ingredients in a heated small sauce pan.
3. The ingredients will come together to a compote after a few minutes, it's done when everything is completely mixed and mushy! 
Serve the patties with the compote topped with sunflower seeds and a big glass of cold milk!


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