beetroot patties with feta cheese and sesame seeds

Here is a quick post of what I made for dinner last night. I hade so many beetroots that I was compelled to make something out of it! I really wanted to have some sort of american-pancake-like dinner so I thought to myself what could be better than combining thosw two.
Here's what I did. I grated two peeled beetroots, mixed in three eggs, some milk, spelt flour, sesame seeds, salt and pepper and VOILA! out came a pancake batter! I don't have the exact measurements but the trick is to add enough milk to make the grated beetroots swim around a little bit. Then you add enough flour to make a thick batter that you can make dollops out of.
After that you simply just fry them in a frying pan and eat them in whatever way you like. I would think some homemade hummus would be good to it, something I did not have time to do last night though. But oh well, I'll save that for the nine leftover patties that I stuck in the freezer!
By the way, isn't the color of the patties so funny and pretty and whimsical?


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