super duper fast granola scrumptiousness

When I came home today I had the strongest craving for granola. Or to be more specific, homemade granola with coconut flakes in it. We did not have any granola whatsoever at home so I had to take action. Granola usually takes a long time to do since the roasting is supposed to be done in the oven but I had no patience for that. Therefore I just made in a regular frying pan on the stove and that worked out just fine! And took no longer than 5 minutes. For real. You can mix pretty much whatever you want when you make granola but this is how I did it!

add as much as you like of every ingredient, there are no measurements really...

coconut flakes
rolled oats
crushed rye
goji berries
dried apricots cut into pieces
sunflower seeds
flax seeds

Roast everything in a pan for approximately five minutes. Stir the entire time so nothing gets burnt! Tip: When the goji berries have gone from a reddish color to an orange one and they are puffy, you know it's done! Eat with flavorless yoghurt and drizzle some honey on top instead. So, so, so good!


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