Look at this breakfast I made for this wonderful Saturday morning! I've wanted to try almond flour for the longest time so I bought that yesterday! This morning I obviously had to use it so I made this Granola Yoghurt Berry Almond Madness! This is how I made it: layer vanilla yoghurt, granola, raspberries, cottage cheese, almond flou and flax seeds. Repeat until the glass is filled! I ate finn crisp with eggs, pepper turkey, sea salt and fresh basil as well, a glass of juice and a cup of steaming hot coffee. It was heavenly. It is beautiful out today so after watching Big Bang Theory for absolutely too long I'll probably go out for a run! Or not. Anyhow. Enjoy your Saturday folks!


Postat av: Mamsen

Åh vad gott det ser ut! Mysigt:)

2012-03-31 @ 13:26:01

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