don't you think that you could use some charm?

I made this as my dinner the other day when it was only my sister and I at home. We had just come back from our camp in the mountains and our fridge were --- empty. It was ridiculous. There was nothing to eat. That's a lie though. Anyways, everything on this plate is from the freezer. I had forgot how good frozen vegetables actually are! What I made looks very similar to something I just posted but oh well. This is what it is: broccoli, green beans, soy beans, spinach, cherry tomatoes, salmon, lentils, sunflower seeds and pesto. Freggin yummy is what it was!

Postat av: stina

Alltså all fin mat blir för mycket för mig, vill. ha. maten. man. äter. i. Sverige. nu.

2012-03-14 @ 12:22:06

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